Nostrum’s front of house service gives you access to highly experienced and skilled new business teams who ensure applications are captured using best practice multi-channel customer conversion strategies, delivering SLAs and implementing risk strategies for responsible lending.

Quoting and Application Capture

  • Multi-channel quotation and application capture for both corporates and consumers across a number of different introducer types
  • Dedicated new business teams to assist applicants and introducers through multiple channels including phone, email and online chat
  • Comprehensive and compliant contract documentation, including e-signatures, can be produced either from the call centre or as part of the Point of Sale process

Credit Decisioning

  • Implementation of an agreed credit risk policy, including risk based pricing with full exception reporting
  • ‘Grey’ decisions can be manually underwritten by experienced staff with escalation points as necessary
  • Further validation tasks, for example, employment checks, requests for supporting documentation such as bank statements etc provided where necessary

Payout Processing

  • Funds disbursement to customers and introducers by a variety of methods including Faster Payments, BACS and cheques as required
  • Management of commission and subsidy payments with full reconciliation and statementing
  • Tailored welcome calls and customer satisfaction surveys undertaken


Nostrum’s loan servicing solutions focus on high levels of self-service capabilities to deliver efficiency and customer satisfaction, allowing customer service teams to manage more complex  loan operations, enhancing your customers’ experience and assisting those customers requiring higher, more direct levels of communication.

Customer Services

  • Customers may service their loan accounts online and through our automated call centre technology at any time, providing them with the information they need, when they need it. Our expert team is on hand to assist those customers who need more attention
  • All outbound correspondence is system generated, delivered through a number of mediums depending on customer preferences with a full audit trail and retention. Inbound documents are categorised, scanned and attached to customer accounts ensuring full correspondence history is available at all times
  • Digital automation of documentation enforces a paperless office
  • Full compliant management and resolution including reporting and root cause analysis is provided

Payment processing

  • Payments are collected by a number of different methods, including BACS, standing order and debit card and applied against live agreements
  • Full suspense posting, investigation and allocation as necessary
  • Bank reconciliation services provided as required

Third Party Interaction

  • All documentation, such as statements and letters are outsourced to an external print and mail provider
  • Automated Credit Reference Agency closed user group loan reporting updates managed
  • Liaison with other third parties such as insurance providers undertaken as necessary

Profiling and segmentation

  • Identification of those customers exhibiting behaviour which suggests that they will become delinquent and the implementation of pre-arrears customer care strategies
  • Debt cases are are segmented to support the application of different collections strategies by a variety of criteria
  • An unlimited number of different contact strategies including champion challenger may be defined combining SMS, email, letter and phone

Processes and Activities

  • Fully queue driven to ensure that all cases are worked in accordance with the appropriate strategy
  • Blended inbound and outbound progressive and predictive dialer campaigns with call recording and extensive MI
  • Comprehensive use of automated technology such as skills based IVR, automated payment line and mobile payments solution

Third Party Management

  • Co-ordination of debt that needs to be passed to third party debt collection agencies for attention including process / compliance audit
  • Interaction with debt management companies in relation to the full spectrum of debt solutions and negotiation of improved structures where appropriate
  • Liaison with external parties in relation to fraud and money laundering and the fulfilment of information requests such as SARs

Customer Retention

Part of, or independent from, our technology and outsource service, Nostrum’s extensive retention and re-marketing programmes maximise customer loyalty.

In-depth behavioural and customer insights equips Nostrum Group to deploy highly successful re-engagement initiatives that lead to higher returning customer ratio’s contributing to sustainability and growth. For more details about this service, please contact us.

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