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PRESS RELEASE: Nostrum Receives Collector Accreditation Initiative Status

accreditaion-caiNostrum Group, the leading UK digital loan software provider has announced its participation in the Collector Accreditation Initiative (CAI) awarded by the Credit Services Association (CSA).

The CAI is an online test that annually benchmarks an individual collector’s knowledge and compliance to the highest industry standards, and demonstrates a commitment to best practice throughout an organisation to both existing and potential clients. The test is designed for professional collectors, collection team leaders or management, collections coaches or trainers as well as auditing and quality roles. An Individual collector’s accreditation is to be renewed every 12 months. Company accreditation is gained when 70% of its collectors are accredited at any one time and, following recent company expansion, Nostrum is close to achieving 100% collector accreditation.

Test content ranges from knowledge on Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulatory framework, Treating Customer’s Fairly and CSA Code of Practice to The Data Protection Act 1998, The Consumer Credit Act 1974 and Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.

Nostrum Chief Executive, Richard Carter commented, ‘Nostrum is experiencing a continued period of sustained growth and the advanced training collectors on our process outsourcing team receive is a reflection of our continued commitment to quality at the highest of standards. The test helps us to further assess and ensure individual awareness of relevant regulatory guidance and the legislative framework and gives our clients a secured confidence in our abilities.’

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