Our solution covers the full lifecycle of the new business process from initial lead capture either directly or indirectly, all the way to payout. In an environment, which is increasingly moving multi-channel and 24×7, rest assured – Nostrum is leading the way.

Application Capture

  • Full integration with lender or introducer website
  • Multi channel application entry through one interface
  • Data validating and screening


  • Optimised, rules based workflow with audit trail ensuring compliance
  • Inbound documents stored for future processing
  • Multi-channel, automated status updates to applicant and third parties


  • Fully automated, compliant and branded document pack production
  • Multiple delivery channels with electronic copies of all documents retained
  • Comprehensive support for electronic and digital signatures


  • Integration with leading credit reference agencies for real-time decisions
  • Predefined rules support a balanced risk appetite and reward returning/franchise customers.


  • Automated settlement of loan funds and commission amounts
  • Automated and tailored welcome pack
  • Application status updated to ‘live’


Properly controlled and supported, the customer services function creates customer advocates and lifetime value. Managed poorly, it can destroy your carefully crafted reputation. Nostrum’s solution provides your staff with all the tools they need to provide exceptional customer service and, even better allows their customers to service their own account 24×7 through a number of different channels.


  • Single customer view ensures full picture of the whole customer lifecycle
  • Self-service function allows customers to manage their account securely 24×7
  • Application status updated to ‘live’
  • Mandate control and full audit trail ensures critical tasks are performed by authorised staff

Payment processing

  • Wide range of payout options available
  • Inbound payments process through multiple channels
  • Scheduled payments collected in a PCI DSS compliant manner

Document management

  • Fully automated statement production
  • All generated correspondence retained for future review
  • Inbound documents can be scanned and retained


  • Customised user friendly dashboard and reports
  • Access to portfolio performance through standard and user defined reporting
  • Automated population of data warehouse for business intelligence analysis


It’s an inevitability that if you lend money, someone will fail to pay you back. Nostrum’s technology allows you to understand if they ever meant to and implement collections strategies accordingly. Employing a variety of different contact channels and providing extensive flexibility in an automated environment, our years of direct experience have helped us hone our offering.

Profiling and segmentation

  • Identify customers behaviour to implement pre-arrear customer care strategies
  • Segment debt cases to support the application of different collections strategies
  • Unlimited number of different contact strategies

Payment and arrangements

  • Structure promises to pay and temporary arrangements to balance forbearance
  • Full spectrum of payment types supported
  • Comprehensive reporting for different strategies to be monitored and enhanced

Work prioritisation and automation

  • User defined work queues are created to execute the chosen collections strategy
  • Significant automation of underlying processes
  • Management dashboards ensure team leaders and strategy managers can respond immediately to changes

Third party management

  • Multiple brands can be accommodated with ease
  • Cases profiled for external agency attention ensuring compliance with collections guidance
  • Tracking and reporting of cases with debt management companies


At our heart we are a technology company and our core competency is the Agile development and deployment of market leading solutions. We understand that our customers most important asset is their data and our entire IT infrastructure is designed around information security to protect your data in a secure environment.

Our platform is founded on the Microsoft technology stack and employs SQL server, Windows server, .NET framework and Microsoft reporting services.

Hosted externally in enterprise class dual Tier 3 data centres with N+1 redundancy, resilience and business continuity is assured.

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